If you have listened to my story of mercury poisoning and how I eventually recovered, you can understand that I have a burning passion to warn and teach others, so they don’t have to suffer the grueling journey I went through. I am not the only one, in fact there are many others, some have gone through a much worse experience.
There is obviously a system in place that laid traps for me to get poisoned, without informing me of the dangers. However, I understand that the system is much bigger than me, so I don’t spend much energy trying to change it. In fact there are many people who are indifferent or outright disbelieve that mercury from amalgam fillings causes any significant health problems. I don’t care to have debates with skeptics. My objective is to educate people who are concerned about the dangers of mercury poisoning and are looking for the best way out of their problems.
I describe how to find a holistic dentist and insights on a proper dental revision. I explain that holistic dentists cannot advertise and can be hard to find in your area because they are on a partial gag order from their associations.
Most mercury detox programs are quite exhausting and there are numerous setbacks along with the improvements. Some people get worse and cannot detox, which is very troubling. I address the cause of these setbacks and how to prevent them. I can say that I have been around the block in the mercury detox world and with other programs the health improvements were very slow and less than expected. I never looked forward to the treatment rounds, because they drained my energy and left me uncomfortable at best. That is until I discovered the latest detox program that I am promoting on this website.
Now I can honestly say that I look forward to the treatments, because I need less sleep and feel more energized the next day. I can feel myself progressing without setbacks. I am thrilled to be able to share this with others, so that your road to recovery is quicker and easier. There is hope and healing out of this mercury nightmare. To this effort I have dedicated my voice and passion to help you walk in excellent health, live long and strong. Please enjoy this information and send me an email with your feedback.

Hugs and Health,

Kathleen Dornn
[email protected]

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