Do you have questions regarding mercury detox?  Feel free to ask me about:

  • How to find a holistic dentist in your area?
  • Procedure to safely replace amalgam fillings
  • Are Root Canal teeth safe?
  • What about Implants?
  • What are cavitations?
  • Preparing for Dental Revision
  • Mercury poisoning and gut illness
  • Gut illness shuts down detox pathways
  • Special diet to relieve gut illness
  • Foods to avoid if you are mercury toxic
  • Intestinal Binders
  • How to open up detox pathways


  • Supplement Program for detox
  • What is heavy metal chelation?
  • Comparison of heavy metal chelators
  • Boost detox energy with a magnetic bed
  • Redistribution symptoms and how to eliminate them
  • Adjusting the detox rate to match your capability 

What would you like to ask me about?


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